Engagement Photoshoot With a Ferrari F40

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Quinten Moulson
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My good friends Rocco and Briana got engaged and they allowed me to shoot their photos. These two are some of my closest friends and I knew I’d have to give these pictures my best effort and the justice they deserve.

This was my first time shooting engagement photography, so I went ahead and looked up poses on Instagram and got some inspiration from other photographer’s past photoshoots.

Taking into consideration the lifestyle that they live and portray, I knew I had to incorporate the passion for cars and touch upon the elegance and class that they both show. 

Once we started snapping photos, the rest was history. Also, it didn’t hurt to have Ferrari F40 as one of the props. Cheers to Rocco and Briana!

Key takeaway from this photoshoot

Utilize your talent’s passion, lifestyle, hobbies, and energy in your photos. I aimed to capture the love they have for one another and include that luxury and delicacy they both portray. It wasn’t something that I had to go out of my way to find, but instead, I helped guide them in the position to do it themselves. I find the best photos I have ever taken and seen come when the talent and the photographer work together to exploit one another’s natural potential and talent.


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