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I'm Quinten.

Content creator and adventure photographer. Born and raised in downtown Toronto where I spend most of my time if I'm not golfing or skiing. I graduated the University of Windsor with a degree in Communication, Media and Film.

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My favourite adventure is my next one.

The greatest places I've ever been, the greatest sights I've ever seen, the places I've never felt more free. I am very fortunate and grateful for all the places I have travelled to and the experiences that have come with them.

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My Week in Nelson, B.C

In February 2021, I travelled through British Columbia to connect with my pal Will in Nelson, B.C. We spent the week skiing, hiking and exploring the local goods.

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Engagement Photoshoot With a Ferrari F40

My good friends Rocco and Briana got engaged and they allowed me to shoot their photos. These two are some of my closest friends and I knew I’d have to give these pictures my best effort and the justice they deserve.

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The Sleeping Giant, Thunder Bay

There’s something about visiting Thunder Bay. It seems every time I come back, I discover something new and beautiful. I finally had the opportunity to hike the Sleeping Giant chimney after having wanted to make the ascend for almost 2 years.

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